How to find English words that contain?

This resource can be used to find English words that contain specific words. This is a unseful resource if you want to expand words a student already knows. For example, once they can pronounce and spell "and", it might be less difficult to begin to introduce them to words like "hand" or "abandon". Similarly, you could use this resource to show how sequences of letters are not always pronounced the same way, for example the "and" in "sandwich", the d is much softer, so the letters are not pronounced in the same way.

You can even search for the letters of the word separately. Simply enter the letters that you want the words to contain and then from the drop-down box decide whether you would like to see results that contain your selected letters together or apart. The resource will then provide all the English words that fit your criteria. All the words will be listed alphabetically.

For example, if you enter the letters "and" and "letters together," there will be over 3,000 word results, such as abandonhand, etc. 

Now, if you enter the letters "and" and "letters separately," you will get over 30,000 word results, such as acanthopodouszoanthidea, etc.

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