How to create printable English worksheets for verbs?

This tool is an advanced way of creating verb conjugation worksheets that can be printed. This tool allows lots of possibilities for customisation. Up to 20 verbs can be entered at once. Each verb can be entered with a space or comma between them.

Enter the English verb (ie laugh) and you have a few choices regarding how the worksheet looks and which examples to use. The example options are: no example (all results are blank), random pronoun example for each tense, specific pronoun example for each tense (ie I) and then a choice of which tenses are used. There is the option to change the title of the worksheet as well as the font used and size of font. You can choose whether to collate or not with multiple verbs. Don't collate will mean that all of the same verb will be together and collate will mean that each set being printed will have all the verbs.  When printing, you have the option to choose how many pages with and without answers. With answers will just show the full conjugation.

This tool works for irregular English verbs as well as regular English verbs and has the following tenses of conjugations:

  • Present
  • Present continuous
  • Present perfect
  • Present perfect continuous
  • Simple past
  • Past continuous
  • Past perfect
  • Past perfect continuous
  • Future
  • Future continuous
  • Future perfect
  • Future perfect continuous

For more instructions, see this video below.


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