Lower Case - capital of united kingdom - london. london is big.
Sentence Case - Capital of united kingdom - london. London is big.
Capitalise New Word - Capital Of United Kingdom - London. London Is Big.
How to convert English text into sentence case?

This converter can be used to capitalize and change the case of English words. The options are making all words uppercase or lowercase, establishing sentence case (all words starting a sentence with a capital letter), or capitalizing the first letter of every word. You can enter hundreds of lines of text and the converter will keep the same formatting for all the text entered.

This converter is great for individuals who want to change the case of their text without having to retype it all out. It's also useful for people who want to convert their text into a different format for fun or for use in a different application.

This converter is useful for making sure all the words in your document are properly capitalized, or for changing the case of text so that it is all lowercase or all uppercase. You can enter hundreds of lines of text and the converter will keep the same formatting for all the text entered. To use the converter, simply enter your text into the "Input" box and choose the desired option from the "Convert to" drop-down menu. Click the "Convert" button to see your text in the new case.

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