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We have over 25 resources and apps for learning English. Our resources are designed for English teachers and learners alike; some are also helpful for native English speakers (like our “Alphabetize” app). All apps and resources are designed to work in most modern browsers. Our English resources range from simple ones that can alphabetize your sentences or generate word searches to worksheet creators. Most of the converters have lots of options for customization, as well as different fonts and colors. All resources are designed to be user-friendly and offer major text input range (i.e. high character limit). Try them out!

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Word resources


Enter your word or letters and see all the words that can be generated from the anagram sorted by either the number of letters in the resulting words or alphabetically (in advance view). This is great for playing word games!


Choose the initial letter and the number of letters you want and our app will show you all the English words that fit that criteria.


Choose the ending letter and the total number of letters and the resource will show you all the English words that fit that criteria. This is useful for playing word games online.


With this resource, you can find all the English words that contain certain letters either together or separately. E.g. all the words that contain "ough" together. In English there will be lots.


This app will turn your text into an image file with a choice of lots of different fonts and colors.


You can choose whether you want to order things horizontally or vertically as well as alphabetically or reverse alphabetically. This app keeps the same format of your document where possible.

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English FAQ

English can be tricky to learn as not only are there a lot of grammar rules, there are also lots of exceptions to these rules. English is also not a phonetic language, so there is also no standard pronunciation of letters or letter combinations, for example "ough". In spoken English, there are often lots of dropped or silent letters as well as slang and colloquialisms. Fortunately, whether you want to learn English or teach English we have loads of helpful resources to help. We also have great resources for using English online, which are particularly helpful if you're using a browser or keyboard which doesn't have the Latin alphabet as standard.