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We have over 25 resources and apps for learning English. Our resources are designed for English teachers and learners alike; some are also helpful for native English speakers (like our “Alphabetize” app). All apps and resources are designed to work in most modern browsers.

Our English resources range from simple ones that can alphabetize your sentences or generate word searches to worksheet creators. Most of the converters have lots of options for customization, as well as different fonts and colors. All resources are designed to be user-friendly and offer major text input range (i.e. high character limit). Try them out!

Alphabetize English Text - You can choose whether you want to order things horizontally or vertically as well as alphabetically or reverse alphabetically. This app keeps the same format of your document where possible.

Turn Numbers into English Words - This converter will turn twenty-three into 23 and 301 into three hundred and one.

Turn English text to Image - This resource will turn your text into an image file with a choice of lots of different fonts and colors.

Convert English Sentence Case - This converter converts uppercase English letters to lowercase or capitalizes new words. It's useful if you have a document with the wrong text case.

Convert Txt Files From Uppercase To Lowercase - Upload TXT files and convert all the text into lowercase/UPPERCASE/sentence case etc.

Convert SRT Files From Uppercase To Lowercase - Upload subtitle files and then you can change the whole SRT file into uppercase, lowercase, etc.

Count English Characters and Words - This app can count how many words and letters there are in your text.

English To Unicode - Converts English text to Unicode and Unicode to English. (Unicode is used for displaying text online.)

Change Text Orientation - This converter adjusts the orientation of your text. You can choose from left to right as well as top to bottom (up and down), and starting either left to right or right to left.

Turn English Numbers into Chinese Words - Converter three thousand five hundred and fifty-nine into 三千五百五十九 and do the opposite.

English Word Apps/Resources:

Anagram Solver - Enter your word or letters and see all the words that can be generated from the anagram sorted by either the number of letters in the resulting words or alphabetically (in advance view). This is great for playing word games! 

Find Words By Length - Choose initial letter and the number of letters you want.

Words That End With - Choose the ending letter and the total number of letters for the words created.

Words That Contain Letters - Find all the English words that contain certain letters either together or separately. E.g. all the words that contain "ough" together. (There are lots!)

English Worksheet creators:

Our English worksheet creators are intended to save you time and also allow you to easily personalize the output, ready for printing. Our worksheet generators are free-to-use and much quicker than creating your own worksheets in apps like Microsoft Word.The majority offer a "with answers" and "without" so you can set the number of copies for each option, as your students require.

Create English Verb Conjugation Worksheets - Create worksheets with multiple English verbs to test knowledge of conjugation. You can enter up to 20 verbs at once (all separated by a space or a comma) on the same worksheet, and choose what tenses and pronouns you want to focus on. There are so many options for customisation, you will definitely be able to create the perfect English verb sheets!

English Word Search Creator - Create word searches with a separate answer key for teaching. The word searches’ font and size can be customized.

Create English number bingo sheets - Create bingo sheets for English word numbers with digit numbers that you input. These bingo sheets can be used in a classroom setting.

Random number English bingo worksheet creator - Create bingo sheets for English word numbers with randomized digit numbers in a range.

Fill In The Gap Worksheet creator - Create worksheets to find out whether English learners know the answers that should go in the spaces. You enter the text and then select every word that you want to be an answer. These words will then appear in a separate box for students to select.

Create Blank Spaces worksheets - This is a generator to create worksheets with spaces for English learners to put in their own answers. You click on a word in a piece of text and then that word is put in brackets with a space before for the student to write their answer. E.g.: “I like watching movies” becomes “I like watching ________ (movies)”. They can also be used for testing grammar patterns.

Create scrambled words worksheets - Enter words and the worksheet creator will scramble the letters in an English word.

Create worksheets with sentence order changed - Write out your sentences and the worksheet generator will move the words around randomly. You can choose to keep your text in sentence case (capital after a full stop) or entirely lowercase.

Create English Writing Sheets - This is a great resource for learning or teaching English with loads of different options and different fonts.

English Grammar and IPA resources:

Convert English Words Into IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) - This IPA converter uses American English. IPA is a great way for learners to learn how to pronounce English. You enter your text and it is converted into IPA. This converter works for many paragraphs of English text.

Conjugate English Verbs - Enter English verbs and you can see how they conjugate in different tenses. This resource includes regular and irregular English verbs.

Type IPA online (International Phonetic Alphabet) - This app is a keyboard is for typing in IPA. Select the IPA letters from the sample keyboard, combine them with any letters that you type yourself, and you can generate IPA text.

English can be tricky to learn as not only are there a lot of grammar rules, there are also lots of exceptions to these rules. English is also not phoentic language, so there is also no standard pronunciation of letters or letter combinations, for example "ough". In spoken English, there are often lots of dropped or silent letters as well as slang and coloqiualisms, for example "going to" can become "gonna". Fortunately, whether you want to learn English or teach English we have loads of helpful resources to help. We also have great resources for using English online, which are particularly helpful if you're using a browser or keyboard which doesn't have the Latin alphabet as standard.

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