How to find English words by number of letters

This resource allows you to search for English words by the number of letters. This could be helpful when solving word games as well as puzzles, such as crosswords, or even useful when manually creating word puzzles of your own (although we do have many resources to help with that).

Choose the letters that you want the word to start with and the length of the word results you would like to see. For example, if you chose the letter A and 10, you would see all the words that have 10 letters and start with “A.” This search would result in over 3,000 words.

You can also search for all words using only the number of letters they contain. To do this select “Any” for the letter option and put a number below. For example, if you put 20 as the number of letters, you will see all English words with 20 letters in them, from "anitinstitutionalism" to "unsubstantialization".

We also have other resources for finding English anagramsEnglish words that contain specific letters, English words that start with, English word search generators, and loads of English converters and apps for language learners.


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