How to conjugate English verbs with this tool?

This tool is a way of seeing how an English verb conjugates. Enter the English verb (ie laugh) and you can see how this verb conjugates. You can also customise the display by choosing which pronoun to show as well as which tense to show. If you don't select these, all pronouns and all tenses will show. You can view the conjugation results as either text or PDF so that you can print it. This tool works for irregular English verbs as well as regular English verbs and has the following tenses of conjugations:

  • Present
  • Present continuous
  • Present perfect
  • Present perfect continuous
  • Simple past
  • Past continuous
  • Past perfect
  • Past perfect continuous
  • Future
  • Future continuous
  • Future perfect
  • Future perfect continuous
    If you want to create printable PDFs of verb conjugation sheets with blanks for students to fill in, you can use this tool.



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